2018 Goals

This is one of my 2018 goals, to actually publish my first blog. So that’s 1 thing off my list, super excited. It important to have goals, small or big. I believe they give you a sense of purpose and direction

This is my list, in no particular order:

    1. Improve my health, work out consistently and eat healthly
    2. Graduate – Honours in Business Management
    3. Travel more with my beautiful Daughter Sisipho
    4. Vlogging camera
    5. Mac PC 2018 Goals - Mac PC
    6. GG Marmont Wallet, this is actually a Birthday Wishlist. I am New Years Baby2018 Goals - Gucci Wallet
    7. Succeed in this new journey that is Unstaz Favourites 🙂 Please subscribe/follow me on twitter,instagram and youtube – unstazfavourites 🙂


  1. Read a book each month, that is 12 books for 2018 !!!
  2. Learn how to swim – This one is for my daughter
  3. Work on my relationships, tjo this is going to be the toughest !!!